Improving Communication with Parents

This edutopia article discusses the importance of parent communication and gives several options and tools to help with keeping the communication open between parents and teachers.

There are many options out there. The best tool is face-to-face. This is not about replacing that time-tested communication model. Unfortunately, for many reasons, face-to-face is not always possible, so we need to supplement and offer alternatives. What can you offer to maintain open lines of communication with everyone, regardless of their ability to speak in person?

A new workshop from Atomic Learning explores options to help with parent communication as well. In this online course, you will learn about best practices for communicating with your students' families and learn about some tools that can make that communication easier. The tools covered in this course include apps that allow you to text families from your computer, send professional looking newsletters, create classroom websites, set up classroom chatrooms, and share your calendars with families. Take a look.

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