How Hoonuit Can Benefit Your District: Instruction

Hoonuit by Atomic Learning offers professional learning designed to meet the unique needs of schools and districts—including top concerns that teachers and instructional coaches, as well as paraprofessionals, substitute teachers and special education staff, may have.

We've gathered a few of our favorites, that we thought you might be interested in:

Teachers & Instructional Coaches
Provide on-going opportunities to build skills, gain confidence, and ensure instruction is relevant to today’s classroom with:
   -  Support for Struggling Readers
   -  Differentiation Techniques and Basics
   -  Classroom Management Strategies

Enable paras to better support students with on-demand learning resources on:
   -  Career and Soft Skills
   -  Tech How-to Resources
   -  Assistive Tech Resources

Substitute Teachers
Help subs support students in and out of the classroom with courses on:
   -  Classroom Management  
   -  Career and Soft Skills
   -  Tech How-to Resources

Special Education Staff
Ensure barrier-free learning for students with special needs, as well as provide support to teachers with specialized resources:
   -  Tech for Students with Learning Disabilities
   -  Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA)
   -  Online Accessible Courses

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