How Hoonuit Can Benefit Your District: Curriculum & Tech

Hoonuit by Atomic Learning offers professional learning designed to meet the unique needs of schools and districts—including top concerns that curriculum and staff development, as well as technology integrationists, tech directors and library staff members, may have.

We've gathered a few of our favorites, that we thought you might be interested in:

Curriculum & Staff Development
Ensure your educators have the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to provide engaging, meaningful learning experiences with resources on:
   -  Writing Effective Learning Outcomes
   -  Differentiation Techniques and Basics
   -  Assessment of Learning: How Do They Know?
   -  21st Century Skills Concepts

Technology Integrationists
Help support the unique needs of teachers with resources focused on the effective use of technology in the classroom, including:
   -  Tech Integration Strategies
   -  Go Anywhere with Virtual Reality
   -  Coding in the Classroom

Technology Directors
Without relevant support, even the best laid tech plans can go awry. Ensure teachers, staff, and students are fully utilizing available tools on:
   -  Information Security Best Practices
   -  Being Savvy Online
   -  Software/Hardware How-to Resources

Librarians & Media Specialists
Libraries often serve as a go-to-resource. Help library staff to better support students with on-demand learning resources on:
   -  Research Paper Basics: MLA, APA & Chicago Style
   -  What Makes a Good Researcher?
   -  Avoiding Plagiarism

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