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How Do I Build an Effective Leadership Team? Not Your Average Holiday Card...
In place of a holiday card, we've created twelve insightful articles focused on helping faculty teach better and students learn better. Get ready to kick off 2017 in style with an article each day at (Can't wait? You can peek ahead— we promise not to tell!)

A New Way to Experience Learning - NEW!
Atomic Learning is excited to announce our new outcome-based learning model: Hoonuit. This powerful framework both enhances and personalizes online learning using four key components—LearnIt. DoIt. ShareIt. ProveIt.—that ensure learning can be applied to life (and class). Here's a quick overview video.

Learning Styles
Learning Styles are a great building block to developing a study strategy. We will help you determine which Learning Style works for you and provide some study techniques for each.


Best Practices for Creating a Résumé
Great for internship-seeking students and recent graduates alike, this helpful and timely online course will help individuals learn how to create an engaging, professional résumé that effectively attracts potential employers to get started in their chosen career.


Overcoming Test Anxiety Overcoming Test Anxiety
Test anxiety is very common. The good news is that there are several things that you can do to help students do their best work on tests. In this learning module, you will learn what test anxiety is, what causes it, and some helpful exercises to relax and successfully manage this anxiety.

Specialized Courses to Prepare Students for Success in CollegeBeing a College Student
Ensure students are prepared with the self-management and soft skills needed to be successful in college—and beyond—with specialized online learning resources designed to help learners feel confident and be successful in college, career, and life. Explore these great courses!

A Focus on Campus Safety - Personal Safety Awareness Program
Empower individuals with the skills they need to take ownership of their own safety—on- and off-campus—with specialized online learning resources focused helping learners trust their instincts, increase their observation skills, and develop an action plan for facing potential threats.

Coming Soon

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  • Connecting Through Vulnerability
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Helping Students with Learning Disabilities Succeed in College

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