Improve Student Outcomes Using Online Video Tutorials

Faculty at Ferris State University continue to look for ways to help students be successful in an era of insufficient time and information overload. View this archived webinar to hear from Jackie Hughes, Instructional Technology Coordinator, as she shares how they have found several ways to leverage Atomic Learning video tutorials to help students succeed and to help faculty maintain balance. You'll learn how faculty at Ferris State University are helping to reinforce learning, promote independent learning and to encourage continuous learning. 

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Keeping Students Safe: Beyond Emergency Lights and Campus Police

From fulfilling federal requirements to addressing concerns of both students and parents, campus safety is becoming an increasingly more critical topic at institutions across the country.

In this webinar archive, you’ll learn about valuable resources to help you establish a safety education program to prepare your students and staff with essential life skills so they are equipped to trust their instincts, increase their observation skills, and have an action plan when faced with potential threats on your campus.

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Note: Due to a technical error, the recording begins approximately 6 minutes in to the conversation.

Your Time Is Valuable: Creating Efficiency through the Adoption of Online Tech Training

In this webinar, explore the adoption and implementation of online resources to address training needs for students, faculty, and staff. These resources have led to increased efficiencies throughout Riverland Community College, from student orientations to staff training. Using tools like Atomic Learning has helped faculty support curriculum, eased transitions to new versions of Microsoft Office for employees, and streamlined the process for answering the ubiquitous "same 10 questions" that come in every semester.

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Making the Most out of Custom Through Atomic Learning

So, you have Atomic Learning’s custom training feature… Now what?

Join Mr. Pat Schmohl, from Quinsigamond Community College, as he shares how their college has used the custom training feature to make it easier for faculty, staff, and students to access all of the training materials they need in one convenient location. Also, dive into some best practices for your campus to get the most of out Atomic Learning's custom training feature.

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Starting Online Students on the Road to Success...Destination Course Zero!

The flexibility of online learning appeals to students across the spectrum with different abilities: digital natives, non-traditional students, and international students. How can faculty and instructors ensure all students are on a level playing field with such a large array of students?

To solve this problem, Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT) created and implemented an orientation course called Course Zero. This course helps students understand the following and more:

  • How to get their computer ready
  • How to access student resources
  • How to use the course management system

Listen in while staff members of Wentworth Institute of Technology as they share how they implemented Course Zero.

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Campus Leadership: A Good Leader is a Good Listener. Are You?

Ask yourself: Am I listening to the person speaking to me or am I simply hearing them? Am I giving people my full attention?

Watch this lively webinar where you'll be challenged to think through these questions. Learn how to build your own success skills and how you can easily provide this type of career skills training to your faculty, staff, and students.

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Miami University Shares Cool Technology Tools For Your Campus

How do you stay on top of new and emerging tools to be relevant in your instructional and professional roles?  The evolution of technology tools and information moves at an increasing rapid pace.

Miami University's Janet E. Hurn, Coordinator of E-Learning Initiatives, and Julie Straub, Educational Technology Coordinator, explore the COOLEST technology tools they're using to work smarter not harder. You'll see tools and takeaways that you can start using TODAY to enhance your instruction, productivity, and professional life.

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Enhancing Student Learning through Online Training Videos

Today's institutions are challenged to provide a resource that allows instructors to focus on instruction, not the tech. Jonathan D Messer, Academic Technology Consultant for the Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technology at the University of Richmond, shares how they use Atomic Learning's online training videos within Blackboard Learn to extend learning opportunities and ensure classroom instruction is focused on the curriculum.

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Marketing Atomic Learning within Your Campus

How have you been marketing the technology training available through Atomic Learning? If you need help getting started or just some fresh ideas, watch the recording of this panel discussion webinar.

Ruth Greene, Associate Professor from Rappahannock Community College, talks about how her campus has been using Atomic Learning and members of Atomic Learning's Marketing and Integration teams join Ruth to discuss best practices for better integrating Atomic Learning into your campus.

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Transforming the College Classroom with Technology: College Leaders Panel Discussion

Are you losing valuable instruction time to technology-related questions? Join Jeff Schomburg, Instructional Designer and Kevin Welch Professor, both from St. Mary's University, along with Randy Reddick, Professor of Journalism and Electronic Media at Texas Tech, and Jared Reynolds, Instructor, from Hardin-Simmons University as they share the impact providing technology training has had on their campuses.

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Stepping Out of the Box: Creative Solutions for Faculty Training

With a small budget, and an even smaller staff, the Online Program’s department at Hardin-Simmons University in Texas is building for long-term success through innovative solutions for training and supporting faculty.

Wade Ashby, Director of Online Education, will share insights on how he’s evolving his department-of-one to support thousands of faculty, staff, and students through Blackboard and Atomic Learning.

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Increasing Student Satisfaction at Fresno Pacific University through the Flipped Classroom

Hear from Robert Leitgeb, Director of Technical Operations and IT Projects and Adjunct Professor at Fresno Pacific University on how he used his background in educational technology to move to a Flipped Classroom model, increasing student satisfaction to 4.89 on a 5.0 scale.  Hear the steps he took to make the change, and learn how your campus can support faculty in moving to a flipped model.

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