Top 5 New Courses Including Office for Android, Snapchat, Moodle and more!

Who better to share what they think is the best of the best than those who determine what content is added to the Atomic Learning library? Our eLearning team recently shared with us what they thought were some of the top courses recently added to the site. We've also included why they think this content is so cool--we hope you agree!

Take a look, login, and learn!

Moodle 2.8 Instructor
The latest version of Moodle's instructor tools. (Includes assessments!)
Office for Android
Training on the latest version of Office for Android. Great for Galaxy tab and other Android-based tablet users.  
Snapchat in Education
What?  Snapchat in the classroom?  Yes, you can use Snapchat to connect with and engage your students!

Streaming Music/Internet Radio
There are so many options to choose from - which one is right for me?  This series focuses on the top 6 services and explains how they work, the cost, and how to use them.
Tips for Effectively Integrating Moodle
This course is designed to help you create a more visual, interactive, and engaging Moodle course. Utilizing multimedia, web resources, and assessment tools, this series will help you maximize your Moodle course and it's effectiveness in instruction.

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