Top 5 Courses Including Windows 10, Creating Infographics, Zipping/Unzipping Files, and more!

Who better to share what they think is the best of the best than those who determine what content is added to the Atomic Learning library? Our eLearning team recently shared with us what they thought were some of the top courses recently added to the site. We've also included why they think this content is so cool--we hope you agree!

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Creating an Infographic
Whether you are a student, instructor, casual blogger, or business professional, learn how you can create compelling images that will wow your audience using free online tools.  This series was a request via the Atomic Learning ThinkTank.

Windows 10
Windows latest operating system! Take a look at some of the new features of Windows® 10, including the return of the Start Button®; Metro App; and Continuum, also know as Tablet Mode. We will also explore the new Action Center and introduce you to Cortana®, Microsoft's Personal Digital Assistant.

Collaborating and Sharing in Office 365
Office 365™ offers a wide variety of tools to collaborate and share information and you'll learn all about them in this course. Includes downloadable guides and exercise files!

D2L Instructor 10.4
Explore how to use course design tools to plan your course in advance. From the most common elements to tools for user management and communication, learn how you can help support students in successful online learning.

Zipping and Unzipping Files
This training was requested via the Atomic Learning ThinkTank. The series covers zipping and unzipping files on Mac and PC using native and third party apps.

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