6 Tips First Year Students Need to Know

Tip #1: Balancing it All
Not only are students trying to balance classes, study time, group work, and tests, but there is also the social aspect of college life. On- and off-campus activities, including everything from hanging out with friends to intermural sports, make up a big part of the college experience. While all these aspects make managing time tricky, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

Students can try using an agenda or planner. There are plenty of apps out there, or you can utilize the calendar on your smart phone. (There is nothing wrong with using good ol’ fashion pen and paper planners either.) Utilizing such tools can help students better manage their time and keep it all straight.

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Tip #2: Where and How Long to Study
Students know themselves best. Whether they study better in their dorm room with headphones and their favorite music or in a quite space in the library, they need to find something that works for them. Once students find their sweet spot, encourage them to break up studying into timeblocks—study for 30-50 minutes at a time, then taking a quick break before starting again. This approach can help students stay energized and focused.

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