Share Your Bright Spots - What's Working for You?

If you're ever looking for a truly great book about change, look no further than Switch by Chip and Dan Heath.  When I started reading Switch, I was doing so as a professional learning opportunity related to business.  Atomic Learning's entire purpose is really about helping people navigate change as they seek to unleash the power of ever changing technology in their teaching, learning and life.  Therefore, we are an organization that is constantly looking to also embrace change as we adapt to the new challenges and opportunities that learners face.

I quickly learned that Switch is far from just a business book.  It is really about better understanding how we, as humans, respond to changes in all aspects of life - from trying to adopt healthier eating or exercise to negotiating with a teenager to working with colleagues.

One of the things that the Heath brothers focus on is what they term "bright spots."  To distill many pages into a single sentence, the bright spot philosophy is about asking the question "what's working and how can we do more of it?"

So what does this mean for you?  First, the idea of bright spots is something from which we can all benefit.  Whether it is understanding why a student who is typically struggling in most classes is responding so well in a particular situation to asking why a specific PD session was so well received by faculty, any time that we can find something that is going better than the norm and understand why, there is a chance for magic to occur.

The quest for bright spots has become a rallying cry for the Atomic Learning team.  We are constantly in the relentless search to understand those situations where a particular school or learner is having amazing results and Atomic Learning is playing a role in making that happen.  When we discover one of these situations, we treat it as a treasured gift.  We assign a team to dig into that success and try to uncover what is allowing that success to happen.  We celebrate it with our entire team. We do everything that we can to nourish those successes, build upon them and try to help others benefit from those successes.  And that is the other reason this brief synopsis of the Heath brothers' thoughts on bright spots relates to you.  We want you to be a bright spot.  And when that happens, we hope we were able to be a part of it and can learn from you what worked, why it worked and how we can help you and others replicate that success to impact even more learners.

So share your stories with us - we really mean it when we say that we want to hear what's working.

You can share on twitter at @atomic_lisa, or @atomic_learning, through facebook, or simply email your account manager. We look forward to hearing from you!


About Lisa Barnett
As Chief Executive Officer of Atomic Learning, Barnett has driven product development for major solutions that have significantly impacted the education industry and garnered numerous industry awards.

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