Re-charge Your Team with eLearning

Is your faculty and staff needing a re-charge to help to get them on track for 2014? Miami University did just this. To get their staff in gear for second semester, they held a “Re-Charge with eLearning” day at their Hamilton Campus. The event included a variety of sessions on key learning topics, including Stress Management, iPads in the Classroom, Best Practices for Tech Enhanced Courses, an Atomic Learning Overview, and others.  This re-charge event also featured a “re-charge room” with chair massages, yoga classes, aromatherapy, and more.

“It was great to see the excitement the sessions created around eLearning and professional development,” said Julie Rayhorn, Director of eLearning Implementation at Atomic Learning, who attended the event. “This is an event every campus should consider hosting.”

We were very excited to be a part of Miami University’s Re-charge Event, and to help their faculty and staff get re-energized for the New Year. For more information on this event visit:   

Other training provided by Atomic Learning that may help you and your staff re-charge for 2014:

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