Atomic Learning Is Now Hoonuit

We are excited to share that Atomic Learning is now going to be called Hoonuit!

Atomic Learning was founded for educators, by educators. As we have evolved, our successful foundation of providing colleges and universities with robust eLearning technical and technology training has increased to also offer a full collection of online professional learning, including:

  • Student Success and Support
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Online Teaching and Blended Learning
  • Leadership and Compliance Training

Add to this our comprehensive integration into your Learning Management System, and it’s easy to see why over 800 educational institutions, 400,000 educators, and 10,000,000 students have already taken advantage of the most extensive online professional learning library for education in the industry.

Atomic Learning now also has a sister organization, Versifit Technologies, that began in the industry as a custom software data management and analytics organization.  

As we bring those organizations together and continue to focus on solutions that truly focus on the needs in education, we felt our name no longer represented us, and it was time for a change. Hoonuit, pronounced “Who Knew it!”, represents our renewed commitment to all our customers and partners, and an infinite loop of knowledge and insight.

“We’re on a mission to help educators experience more “aha!” moments,” Paul Hesser, CEO at Hoonuit said. “Our solutions enable educators and administrators to assess and predict school and student needs, and for educators to take their own personal development path to tackle some of today’s most common education challenges, such as college and career readiness, student engagement and evolving instructional approaches.”

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It's Baaaaaack: Summer Session

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Resources to Help Faculty Teach BETTER

Looking to grow yourself professionally? Our campus offers faculty and staff members instant access to a library of digital learning resources through Hoonuit by Atomic Learning.

Below are just a few of the resources available that align to current topics of interest:

Teaching & Developing Online Courses


Pedagogical Strategies

Technology & Software Training


Career Skills & Personal Growth

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12 Ways to Make Your 2017 Epic - Personally & Professionally

Life can get hectic, that is for sure. But by dedicating just a little time each day, week, or month, you can make a big difference all year long. As 2017 hits nearly the half way mark, be sure to incorporate time for you to learn and grow.

Not sure where to start? Check out these twelve ideas:


  1. Join a PLC (Professional Learning Community)
    PLC’s are an excellent opportunity for educators to create their own professional development, hone their skills and improve student outcomes through action research. Check out this resource on Atomic Learning to find out more.
  2. Learn New Instructional Strategies
    As a professional development opportunity, give yourself some time to explore different instructional strategies like the ones we have listed here:

         - Reciprocal Teaching 
         - Pass/Send a Problem
         - Think-Pair-Share
  3. Apply That to Your Course
    It’s easy to consume content, but not always so easy to apply what you’ve learned. Sometimes, it can just be a matter of dedicating the time to doing it. Dedicate time this coming year to bring what you’ve learned into your course.
  4. Attend an Education Conference
    Network with educators and thought leaders in person at a national or regional Higher Education conference. If getting away isn't in the plan, some conferences offer a virtual attendee option, including EDUCAUSE and NASPA.
  5. Watch and/or Participate in a Twitter Chat
    A twitter chat can be a great learning opportunity, and there's one for nearly every education topic you can think of! You can check out this education twitter chat calendar, and we’d also like to suggest @JaimeDonally’s chat on Wednesdays at 8pm CST focused on augmented and virtual reality—check it out at #ARVRinEDU.
  6. Find a Blog – and Keep Up with It
    Lots of education thought leaders, like George Couros, regularly write though-provoking posts that are well worth a read. Pick a few from the 10 Higher Ed Blogs Worth the Quick Read article from eCampus News, and be sure to swing by THIS blog often for posts just like this one!



  1. Go Somewhere New
    Whether you want to take a long weekend off or just an afternoon, pack up the car and go somewhere you haven’t before. Take in new experiences by seeing new sights and learning new things. For a few ideas, check out this article The Huffington Post did on The Best Tourist Attraction in Every State. Have you been to the one they mention in your own state?

Key Takeaways from OLC Accelerate 2016

Guest blog post from Deb Meester, Senior Director of Sales and Service at Atomic Learning.

I’ve been attending higher education conferences for almost 9 years now. In that time, I’ve attended close to 100 conferences. While we all know conferences are a great place to learn and collaborate with others, at every conference I’ve attended, including OLC Accelerate this year, I heard a number of people say that one of the main reasons they come is to visit the exhibit hall.  They want to connect with their existing vendor partners, but they also want to learn about other resources that can help.  On my flight home from Orlando to Minnesota, rather than concentrating on the 6 plus inches of freshly fallen snow that I was going to be flying into, I thought about the conference and what we heard in the exhibit hall.   

One thing I’ve noticed in my years in the exhibit hall is that attendees at the booth will “tell you how it is”. It’s not uncommon for us to hear “yeah, our university doesn’t do that, but we should” or “we aren’t that efficient” or “our faculty don’t do that” and more.  And this year at OLC was no exception. There were some consistent themes or concerns I heard throughout many of our conversations:

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OneNote for Organization and Collaboration - Guest Blog Post

Who better to speak to using OneNote for Organization and Collaboration than the eLearning Contributor who developed the training herself?

Guest Blog Post by Teresa Potter, eLearning Contributor

There are a lot of note-taking applications available, each boasting an easy way to collect information. However, one of the points many of these programs miss is powerful tools to organize that information. Microsoft OneNote has not made this mistake.
Microsoft OneNote provides a powerful tool to collect, organize, and reference information in a wide variety of formats. It allows you to type and paste information and media anywhere you would like on the page. The formatting is much more fluid than a word processing program. You can create pages, sections, and groups of sections to organize your information, and you can even create entirely new notebooks to gather your information. You can also attach documents right to your pages. Students can attach a Powerpoint presentation they gave and then reflect on their work all on the same page, and the attachment becomes part of the OneNote notebook. OneNote also allows you to create audio and video recordings and to play them back within OneNote.

All of these features make OneNote a powerful tool for the classroom. Teachers can use OneNote to organize their personal lessons, or to share lessons with other teachers. They can also use OneNote to publish information for their students, helping them with flipped classroom or paperless classroom initiatives. The multimedia and attachment tools are prefect for students to collect their work in a portfolio and then reflect on their learning.

The best part is that OneNote is free on all your devices. Learn more in the OneNote for Organization and Collaboration training course.

Managing Your Time Successfully

If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.


Do you agree? How do you effectively manage your time? or do you? This visual we found online gives some interesting time management facts. It's good to know we're not alone, but how do we fix these habits? Atomic Learning offers Career Skills training that might help; take a look at the Time Management Basics course and Successful Time Management Training.

Don’t  have access to Atomic Learning? You can request more information about how to access these training courses, projects, and more.

Share Your Bright Spots - What's Working for You?

If you're ever looking for a truly great book about change, look no further than Switch by Chip and Dan Heath.  When I started reading Switch, I was doing so as a professional learning opportunity related to business.  Atomic Learning's entire purpose is really about helping people navigate change as they seek to unleash the power of ever changing technology in their teaching, learning and life.  Therefore, we are an organization that is constantly looking to also embrace change as we adapt to the new challenges and opportunities that learners face.

I quickly learned that Switch is far from just a business book.  It is really about better understanding how we, as humans, respond to changes in all aspects of life - from trying to adopt healthier eating or exercise to negotiating with a teenager to working with colleagues.