The NEW Way to Experience Learning - Just Launched!

At Atomic Learning we are committed to helping reshape the way we support students, faculty, and staff in their learning experience. For the past two years we have devoted energy and resources into shaping a path for colleges and universities to overcome the status quo, and have developed the Hoonuit Online Learning Framework:

Learn from Best Practices.
Professional learning resources
on highly-relevant topics.


Apply Learning to Life.
Activities to apply learning to
life—and the classroom.


Connect & Get Feedback.
Collaborative tools to
learn from others.


Document Learning.
Assessments and resources
to monitor progress.


To align with this powerful outcome-based learning model, Atomic Learning's online professional learning resources are delivered in a 'learning module' format—here's a quick overview video

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Coming Soon: A NEW Way to Experience Learning

The entire Atomic Learning team has been hard at work researching and developing not just a better way to support faculty, staff, and students, but to transform the learning experience.



Not only have we developed a new learning model for our resources - LearnIt. DoIt. ShareIt. ProveIt. – but have also updated our interface to make learning more engaging and easier to use.

To get a sneak peak of this powerful new outcome-based learning model, click the video below.

Atomic Learning Named a Top Workplace

For the sixth year in a row, Atomic Learning has been recognized as one of the Top 150 Workplaces in Minnesota—where the company was founded and based.

The Star Tribune's Top Workplaces program recognizes the most progressive companies in the state based on employee opinions measuring engagement, organizational health and satisfaction.

“We are proud to have been named a Top Workplace for the 6th year in a row,” said Jenny Castle, Senior Director of Human Resources. “It’s great that our employees have again recognized Atomic Learning with this honor, and we plan to maintain our unique culture to ensure we are on the list for years to come.  Our people are passionate about our purpose and take great pride in what we do.”

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FREE Course on #AugmentedReality (Ends July 22nd!)

For a limited-time, Atomic Learning has unlocked the popular online module: Getting Started with Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality is a powerful way to engage students and bring learning materials to life! This learning module discusses available apps and websites, as well as explores how you and your students can create your own Augmented Reality content.

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•    Instructional Video Best Practices
•    Being an Effective Online Student
•    Creating Engaging Lessons
•    Growing a Personal Learning Network (PLN)

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10 Ways to Energize Learning

Student engagement is always on the minds of educators, and, while it can feel overwhelming with all of the moving parts—student retention, attrition, and more—you have to start somewhere! To help, we’ve created a list of 10 ways you can shake up and energize learning with tried and true instructional strategies for increasing engagement with your students. Learn more about each of the topics below with resources from Atomic Learning.

The resources mentioned in this infographic are all available on Atomic Learning. Dive in:

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FREE Online Course on #DigitalStorytelling & #Creativity

For a limited-time, Atomic Learning has unlocked the popular online learning module: Digital Storytelling & Creativity.

Digital Storytelling is a powerful tool to teach literacy, communication, and media creation skills. However, there are a number of options for organizing a project, conducting research, identifying digital media resources, and creating a story—all of which make it difficult to know where to start.

Learn the in’s and out’s for FREE at through June 30, 2016.

Intrigued? Be sure to contact Atomic Learning for information on unlocking hundreds of additional online learning modules, including:

•    Instructional Video Best Practices
•    Being an Effective Online Student
•    Creating Engaging Lessons
•    Growing a Personal Learning Network (PLN)
•    Successful Time Management
•    Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 365
•    Learning Management Systems (LMS) Training

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Focusing on self-improvement, Atomic Learning's Summer Session provides weekly tips to break down critical topics, such as increasing student engagement and shifting instructional practices, into an easy-to-digest format.

And, to encourage learning and reflection, each time you share a takeaway you’ll be entered for a chance to win $300 in prizes!

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Preparing for #ExamWeek: Resources for Students & Instructors

With summer just around the corner, finals are quickly approaching. Whether your preparing to face off with a big exam, research paper, or group presentation, Atomic Learning is here to help with great insights for students and faculty alike.

Prepping for THE test

Writing THAT paper

Giving THAT project/presentation

And, for those with a full course load, be sure to check this handy course on Successful Time Management.

Try not to stress too much...You've got this!

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Break the Pattern: The Impact on Retention and Student Success

At Atomic Learning, we work with campuses across the country and around the globe on a daily basis, and, even though the populations of these institutions are very unique and the initiatives and programs vary, we often hear many of the same challenges. More specifically, many have concerns centered around impacting retention and student success in a negative way. 

Nationally, there are some sobering realities:

  • Less than half of high school students feel prepared for college1.
  • 30% of college students will drop out after or during their first year2, with the financial impact of that year a $20,000-45,000 expense to that student or family3.
  • The economic impact of attrition is a very real issue for universities—annually, the lost revenue totals an average of $9.89M4.
  • 41% of college students will not graduate within six years5, and excess credits are costing more than $19 billion annually6.
  • Finally, for those college students who do successfully graduate, the road ahead may still be bumpy—22% of graduates will be unemployed or underemployed7.

These are realities that none of us want to accept. 

What Employers Expect: Soft Skills - Guest Blog Post

By Jenny Castle, Senior Director of Human Resources for Atomic Learning & Versifit Technologies

In the words of best-selling author Peggy Klaus, “Soft skills get little respect, but will make or break your career.”

Technical skills are those you need to do your job, but soft skills are imperative for you to be successful in your job and in your career.  As a Director Human Resources, I know what employers are looking for—candidates with developed skill sets that are valuable no matter what industry or job you are applying for.  Soft skills, often called career skills, include skills such as working well with others, solving problems, critical thinking, decision making, attitude, professionalism and communication skills. 
These are skills that translate into real money for businesses. 
Imagine that you receive bad service at a business.  Will you return?  Will you tell others about it?  Now imagine that you are that business owner.  How does that employee impact your business?  How do you feel about them?  Now imagine that you are the employee that provided the service.  Do you think you’ll get that next promotion?  Will you still have a job?
In the Human Resources field, it’s commonly said that recruiters only spend an average of about 60 seconds reviewing an application.  Whether you are helping develop the young professionals of tomorrow or job hunting yourself—how do you ensure that a résumé stands out and makes it into the “yes” pile?