Managing Your Time During Summer Break #ALsummersession

As the expression goes, “time flies when you’re having fun”—and if summer is one thing, it’s fun!

Make sure you don’t miss out on all that this summer has to offer with these online resources. To get started, simply login using your institution's method of access and check out the links below—it's that easy!

Effective Decision Making Training
Have a lot to do, but not much summer left to do it all? Weigh your options and prioritize appropriately with this online resource. And, if you're still undecided about what you can and can't fit in, there's even a video on "Perils of Indecision"...cue dramatic music!
Learn about Effective Decision Making!

Time Management Training
Summer is flying by. Don't waste the precious time you have left! In this online training, you'll learn how to take control of your life in practical and realistic ways that you can implement right away—including insights on how to combat procrastination!
Learn about Time Management!

Effective Meetings Training (Yes! Meetings!)
We know what you're thinking...Effective Meetings!? It's still Summer! However, the skills that are needed to conduct effective, efficient meetings also apply to life outside of a conference room. Check out this online resource for insights on getting things done!
Learn about Time Management!

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This article is a part of an Atomic Learning special blog series dedicated to keeping the learning going all summer long by helping you learn something new with quick personal development tips!


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