Join the Learning Ambassador Team

Interested in becoming a Learning Ambassador?  Join the Learning Ambassador team with other connected educators around the country.  The purpose of the team is to build a community of educators who collaborate and grow through the support of the members.  The Learning Ambassadors can participate in as little or as much as they'd like and each level attained opens more opportunity for the member.  

While Ambassadors have a community of connected educators, they are also recognized for all they do to support learners.  We want to spotlight the Ambassador presentations, shared resources, blog posts and more.  The Ambassador program is all about investing into people, and we want you to be involved!

Just like the new Hoonuit Framework, we want the Ambassador community to LearnIt, DoIt, ShareIt and ProveIt.  The members will have a group to explore and discuss topics of their interest.  In the safety of the Ambassador team, the members will practice new technologies and strategies to bring back to their learning communities.  Collaboration is a central part of the program and we want to see great resources shared and proven.  

We are looking for more connected educators who are looking to grow and collaborate in the Learning Ambassador program.  Complete this application to begin.  

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