Be Your Own Technology Help Desk #ALsummersession

Having computer issues during the summer can be a disaster. Equip yourself with the knowledge to act as your own personal technology help desk with these online resources!

To get started, simply login using your institution's method of access and check out the links below. 

PC Maintenance Training
Having a problematic PC? Get to the bottom of your technology woes with this online resource that explores several common problems—including malware—and steps you can take to prevent future issues, including using firewalls, scheduling scans, and more.
Learn about PC Maintenance!

Being Savvy Online
Is your digital footprint squashing your reputation? Make sure you are aware of online dangers involved with online banking, gaming, and shopping—and learn how to protect your personal data from scams and identity theft with this online resource.
Learn about Being Savvy Online!

Computer Training
Computers have become a standard household tool—yet most of us don't use them to their fullest potential. Learn how you—yes YOU—can set up a wireless network, improve your computer's speed, and many other time-saving computing topics.
Learn about Computing!

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Giving Help Desks a Helping Hand - Guest Blog Post

Guest blog post by Linda Winter

As you prepare to welcome new and returning students to campus, it is a great time to evaluate how best to provide those students (as well as faculty and staff) with effective and productive technology support and training.

Many students start the fall term with new computers and/or new devices. Faculty and staff may also have new equipment or need to integrate digital resources or software into their workflows. As a result, the start of the new year is hectic for everyone—especially the Help Desk.

The Technology and Human Resources teams at the University of Massachusetts Lowell was challenged to answer a range of technology support and professional development needs for faculty and staff, and discovered a “self-serve” approach that addresses students’ needs for tech support.

UMass Lowell makes Atomic Learning training resources available from the school’s IT home page as well as their internal Human Resources site. Lori Dembowitz, Associate CIO said, “We quickly realized that an online tool could be transferable and used by faculty and students as well.” She noted that making these training resources available “on demand” gives the Help Desk team a way to address a spectrum of student and faculty questions about specific software programs and apps and also enables Help Desk staff to focus on solving other problems for the university community.

Bob Coppenrath, IT Help Center and Desktop Support Manager notes, “We’re able to offer immediate, direct help. Our hope is that users get something immediate online that responds correctly to their question or problem. That way, they don’t need to put in the rest of the Help Desk ticket because they’ve received the answer and the help they need.”

Interested in duplicating UMass Lowell’s success on your campus? Read their story.