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Ready or not, the new semester is ramping up. Want to make changes to your courses before students converge on you? Now’s your chance!

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Facilitating Online Courses in an LMS Workshop
Looking to move your course online? This resource focuses on the unique challenges of online education, walks through course development from beginning to end, and includes both theoretical guidance AND practical tips and tools.
Learn about Facilitating an Online Course

Learning Management Systems (LMS) Training
Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle... there are a whole host of LMS systems out there, each with a slew of features that are underutilized. Find out what you DON'T know about your campus LMS with online resources on many of the most popular systems.
Learn about available LMS Training

Effective Presentations Workshop
There are some really bad presentations out there, but yours won't be one of them with the help of this online resource! In it, you'll see why color is important, why big photos are good—why clip art isn't—how to utilize storytelling, and more!
Learn about Effective Presentations

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6 Ways to Avoid Death by PowerPoint

"Death By PowerPoint" by Tom Fishburne (Source: we highly doubt that a bad slidedeck and a monotone speaker has ever resulted in an actual death, the phrase 'Death by PowerPoint' has only grown in popularity as presentation software use becomes a daily part of life, not only for professionals, but students. Take a moment, if you will, to think of one of those large lecture hall courses where students are so busy scrambling to take down every word displayed on the screen that they can't actually listen to what their professor is saying.

It has spawned both internet memes and cartoons (including the hilarious take above by Tom Fishburne), as well as some incredible resources on how to not only ensure your audience survives, but is engaged with your content.

A recent Forbes article by author and leadership development consultant Kristi Hedges is one such resource, and outlines six tips to help resuscitate your presentation, including:

Creating a Bullet Proof Presentation

Bestselling author and recognized blogger, Seth Godin, recently published a post titled Most presentations aren't bullet proof' that made some great points about effective presentations, but in a fun way—the entire post is written as a series of bullet points!

Here's an excerpt (view the entire post):

  • Bullets do not save time. Memos save time. Presentations aren't about the most concise exposition of facts, they are about changing minds.
  • Bullets are actually aggressive, they're gotchas lying in wait to be brought up later, either by an observer calling you out or a presenter reminding us he told us so.
  • Bullets do not make it easier to remember what's being said.