Capture Summer with Digital Photography #ALsummersession

Enjoying summer fun in the sun? Capture moments to remember and share!

If your photography skills aren’t necessarily at the level you’d like, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Here are a couple popular resources to help you capture your summer in photos.

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Digital Photography Basics
A family portrait is obviously different than a snapshot for eBay, but most people take all photos the same. Whether your camera is a fancy DSLR or just the one built into your smartphone, these tips and tricks will help you capture the best pictures possible!
Learn about Digital Photography Basics!

iPhoto (OS X Yosemite)
Get ready to turn good shots into great ones with simple editing tools, then wow them all by sharing your photos in fun slideshows, on social media, and even create photo books. iPhoto isn't just a collection of pictures—it's a collection of possibilities!
Learn about iPhoto!

Photoshop Creative Cloud
The editing capabilities of Photoshop are seemingly endless—and daunting for newbies. Learn the basics of polishing your summer photos in no time flat with an online resource focused on the basics. Get ready to crop, retouch, and more!
Learn about Photoshop CC!

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