Atomic Learning Is Now Hoonuit

We are excited to share that Atomic Learning is now going to be called Hoonuit!

Atomic Learning was founded for educators, by educators. As we have evolved, our successful foundation of providing colleges and universities with robust eLearning technical and technology training has increased to also offer a full collection of online professional learning, including:

  • Student Success and Support
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Online Teaching and Blended Learning
  • Leadership and Compliance Training

Add to this our comprehensive integration into your Learning Management System, and it’s easy to see why over 800 educational institutions, 400,000 educators, and 10,000,000 students have already taken advantage of the most extensive online professional learning library for education in the industry.

Atomic Learning now also has a sister organization, Versifit Technologies, that began in the industry as a custom software data management and analytics organization.  

As we bring those organizations together and continue to focus on solutions that truly focus on the needs in education, we felt our name no longer represented us, and it was time for a change. Hoonuit, pronounced “Who Knew it!”, represents our renewed commitment to all our customers and partners, and an infinite loop of knowledge and insight.

“We’re on a mission to help educators experience more “aha!” moments,” Paul Hesser, CEO at Hoonuit said. “Our solutions enable educators and administrators to assess and predict school and student needs, and for educators to take their own personal development path to tackle some of today’s most common education challenges, such as college and career readiness, student engagement and evolving instructional approaches.”

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Access for All

Guest blog post by Alan Natachu, Learning Ambassador

May 4th is a day I hold close to me. There is the Star Wars reference (May the 4th be with you) that this day is known for. I survived CRC surgery on May 4th. Now this day holds more meaning from a teaching standpoint.

Actor Chris Pratt made a comment in which he asked his fans scrolling through his Instagram feed to turn up the volume and listen instead of, as he put it, "just reading the subtitles.” In a video posted on Instagram, Chris gave an apology in American Sign Language (ASL).


Living Life Online


Guest blog post by Scott Christensen, Learning Ambassador


Using the internet has become second nature. We expect access 24/7, in our homes, while we travel, in our cars and in the air. Without the ability to text, snap, post, map, check in, or log in we feel lost. We now shop, do our banking, manage our credit cards, and connect via social media while at home and on the go. With this constant connectivity, we as consumers need to be sure we keep our personal data private and secure. Identities are stolen, data hacked, servers compromised, and passwords are stolen almost every minute of the day. In fact, reports of these events are becoming commonplace on the nightly news. As we live more of our life online, what can, and should we be doing to keep our information safe?

Be an eLearning Contributor

Have you ever watched an Atomic Learning series or learning module and thought, “Psh. I can do that?”  Well, good news! We are always looking for Subject Matter Experts to help us build resources for faculty, staff, and students. It’s a great way to showcase your talents and expertise —and earn some extra dough! While we’re always on the lookout for a variety of content, what we’re really searching for right now is:

  • SPSS
  • Animate
  • After Effects
  • Premiere Pro
  • SAS
  • Tableau
  • Project Management
  • HTML

Are one or more of those topics something you are passionate about? Let us know!

Learn How to Become a Contributor

Preparing for Finals: Insights for Students & Instructors

With summer just around the corner, finals are quickly approaching. Whether your preparing to face off with a big exam, research paper, or group presentation, Hoonuit by Atomic Learning is here to help with great insights for students and faculty alike.

Prepping for THE test

Writing THAT paper

Giving THAT project/presentation

And, for those with a full course load, be sure to check this handy course on Successful Time Management.

Try not to stress too much...You've got this!

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Become a Learning Ambassador

Interested in becoming a Learning Ambassador?  Join our Learning Ambassador program and connect with other educators around the country.  The purpose of the ambassador program is to build a community of educators who collaborate, grow, and share what they've learned through the support of the members.  

As a Learning Ambassadors, you can participate in as little or as much as you'd like, and each level attained opens more opportunity for you.  Gain access to a community of connected educators, and be recognized for all you do to support learners.  We will highlight Ambassador presentations, shared resources, blog posts and more.  The Ambassador program is all about investing into people, and we want you to be involved! 

Just like our learning framework, we want the Ambassador community to LearnIt, DoIt, ShareIt and ProveIt.  Members can utilize the group of educators to explore and discuss topics of their interest, such as practice new strategies and technologies and how to bring back to their learning communities.  Collaboration is a central part of the program and we want to see great resources shared and proven.  

We are looking for more connected educators who want to grow and collaborate in our Learning Ambassador program.  Join now!

JOIN NOW: Complete this application to begin. 

Student Success: Tools for Guiding Students on the FAFSA

Spring is here! And, while graduation is around the corner for some students, others need to prep for their return next fall by getting necessary paperwork together to apply for Financial Aid.

If students don't seem to be utilizing the Financial Aid office and support resources your campus offers, it may be a matter of awareness—especially for incoming freshmen.

Recently, we came across the brief video series below featuring comedian Adam Conover of truTV's Adam Ruins Everything and thought it could be a valuable engagement tool for partner colleges looking to encourage students to take advantage of financial assistance.

Enjoy these fun, informal (but fact-based) videos that debunk several Financial Aid myths:

The Real Truth About Financial Aid

Looking for ways to help students with the FAFSA?
The Completing the FAFSA course provides a step-by-step guide to the often intimidating form.

And, once the application is in, it might not be a bad idea to recommend Personal Finance Basics to help them make sound financial decisions—now and in the future.

For additional resources on setting students up for success in college and beyond, including Choosing a Major, Transitioning from High School to College, and many more, be sure to check out Hoonuit by Atomic Learning's college success courses.

What One Associate Professor Has to Say About Atomic Learning

Melissa Kagarise, an Associate Professor at Saint Francis University, was a speaker at the OLC Accelerate conference this last fall. Her LIFESAVERS for Teaching Online session was a huge hit! In her session, she also mentioned Atomic Learning being one of those lifesavers. Here is what else she had to say:

"I implemented the Atomic Learning videos last semester into my Curriculum Development for Health Programs course last semester.  I really liked the ability to select various segments of the video and require students to complete each for points. We use blackboard and integrating these into the grade book was seamless.  Students provided favorable feedback on the content of the videos and I will be working to incorporate additional videos into my other courses. 

The content was relevant and provided the opportunity for me to better engage students in the material."

Melissa Kagarise DHSc, PA-C, CLS
Associate Professor
Master of Medical Science/Master of Health Science Programs
Saint Francis University

Paul Hesser Named CEO of Atomic Learning and Versifit Technologies

Atomic Holdings, the parent company of Atomic Learning, Inc. and Versifit Technologies, announces the appointment of Paul Hesser as Chief Executive Officer.  

“I am excited to join a dynamic company with a laser focus on helping educators increase student success,” said Hesser. “The recent launches of the Hoonuit Learning Framework and Early Warning Predictive Analytics are just two examples of our progressive initiatives to provide solutions that dramatically improve school and student outcomes.”

Hesser will lead the combined organization’s continued focus on solutions that increase student success and retention through the delivery of comprehensive accountability analytics and professional development to the education market.

“We hear school leaders voicing the need to truly measure how professional development impacts teacher growth and student achievement,” said Hesser. “The blend of outcome-based professional development and an outcome-based analytic platform provides the tools education leaders need to maximize student success.”

With over 25 years of technology leadership experience, Hesser brings an extensive background in helping customers take advantage of evolving technology and digital trends to maximize their performance.  He holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, and a BS in marketing from Illinois State University.