Helping Educators put a Stop to Cyberbullying

Today’s students must know how to interact with others online in social networking sites, in chatrooms, and when instant messaging and texting. Knowing how to protect themselves online from cyberbullies, online predators, and scams is important to ensure their safety and well-being while learning and interacting online.

A recent article on the Open Colleges InformEd site discusses "15 Strategies Educators Can Use to Stop Cyberbullying." It states:

As educators, we need to be specifically aware of cyberbullying. Why is it so important to address cyberbullying in schools first?  The Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use, argues that two thirds of school violence begins through social media. Cyberbullying can lead to school failure, psychological implications, depression, violence and illegal activity. 

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Atomic Learning has developed a spotlight training around Keeping Kids Safe Online, which includes the "Cyberbully? No way, not me!" classroom project. You can view the full collection of training here.



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