Help Students Be Mindful of Security and Safety Concerns

In a time when our society is becoming more and more aware of the importance of violence prevention and safety, Atomic Learning has partnered with Mindset Matters to offer resources to help students develop the key skills they will need to be mindful of security and safety concerns that the world around us presents them.

As a former educator who has taught at a school district that has had a school shooting occur, been a Higher Education administrator, and is the only daughter of a Corrections Officer, I have a very solid understanding of how the various aspects of safety and security awareness and prevention are critical for everyone in today’s society, where situations can become dangerous without warning. The Real World Safety collection gets to the core of safety and security awareness, prevention, and protection. From understanding how your body reacts to stress to threat assessment to handling social concerns related to safety, Real World Safety’s content provides real-world skills and knowledge with scenarios to help students feel more confident and understand how to handle various “sticky” or dangerous situations.

This outstanding Real World Safety collection is something every student needs to have as a part of their overall learning and development. Learn more at

Today's guest blog contributor is Christine Jegers, Integration Specialist at Atomic Learning.  Follow her on Twitter at @atomic_chrisj.

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