The More We Fail, the More We Learn

Teaching is a profession where you have to constantly adapt and adapt on your feet, so hitting technology roadblocks should be handled no different.  Use your Technology Specialist to your advantage to learn from technology stumbles, and continue to try something new.

Small Steps = Big Results

When you stop to think about your professional development goals, chances are most are attainable without too much effort. However, to achieve the big goals—it takes many small steps.

New Content Alert: Including Facebook for Students

Following the recent launch of “Facebook for Educators,” Atomic Learning has now released a collection of tutorials entitled “Facebook for Students.” This workshop highlights the basics of using the most popular social networking site online, how to find educational and useful features, how and why one would create a group, and also provides some tips on how to be safe online and to protect your online persona.

Pre-Designed Projects Make Tech Integration Easy

Do you find yourself challenged with integrating technology into your classroom?  Atomic Learning makes it easy – providing hundreds of pre-designed projects you can add to your curriculum. And, most of the projects can be easily modified and adapted to fit your class and present your topic of choice. Here are a few samples to get you started.

Escape From the Rainforest – Microsoft Word application

New Webinar: Join us for "Educators Guide to 21st Century Teaching" through Atomic Learning

Does your district provide access to Atomic Learning, but you haven't explored all of the resources yourself? Atomic Learning customers are invited to this free online training session to learn more about the key features of Atomic Learning for professional development, how-to training, and classroom tech integration. This session will cover:

-  How to access just in time training
-  An overview of professional development tools
-  Resources to integrate today’s technology into your curriculum with one easy search

Join One Day on Earth with Atomic Learning Tutorials

The Atomic Learning library can help you and your students contribute to a great cause—a media project celebrating the diversity of life and culture of our planet earth. Across the planet, on October 10, 2010 (10.10.10) documentary filmmakers, students, and inspired citizens will record the human experience over a 24-hour period. By participating in this historic event, you will help capture the diversity of life and culture on this planet—together creating a document that is a gift to the world.