2 Words that Can Change Lives - #YouMatter

We've all had those certain moments that leave a lasting impression, maybe it’s a line from a book, or a scene from a movie. That's the affect experienced educator and renowned speaker Angela Maiers has on everyone she meets—school leaders, teachers, students, everyone.

As a young teacher, Angela had an epiphany:  People NEED to Matter.

They need to be noticed.

They need to feel valued.

They deserve to be honored.

In a June 2011 TEDxDesMoines talk, Angela shared her powerful message, and these two words have been changing minds, hearts, and lives ever since.

In the video below, she challenges each of us to accept our own personal genius, understand just how much each of us matter, and realize the impact that each and every one of us can have on our students by sharing two simple words: You Matter.

(You may want to grab a box of tissues... Angela tends to tug at the heartstrings.)

1 Statistic on Student Success in College that Can’t be Ignored...

An article posted by U.S. News stated that “As many as 1 in 3 first-year students won't make it back for sophomore year.” A staggering statistic that colleges can’t ignore. One might ask themselves, what causes so many students to end their college experience?

A lot of factors can be involved, including everything from lack of money and roommate issues to not being academically prepared or emotionally ready.

A recent article from The Chronicle of Higher Education provides several insights on the challenges that many students face during their freshman year of college. Although each student’s experience can be very different, there are emotional readiness factors that seem to overlap.

"Several factors can contribute to "emotional readiness," including students’ ability to adapt to new environments, handle negative emotions in constructive ways, and forge healthy relationships. The survey found that the more prepared a student is for the emotional challenges of college — and for the anxieties that might come with it, such as covering expenses, making friends, and dealing with increased independence — the better and more successful that student’s college experience is."

Coding in the Classroom: Prepare for the #HourofCode

What are the skills your learners need to have for their future? Reading, writing, and math to name a few, right? All educators want their learners to grow and be successful, which is why every learner should be able to understand and write basic code. Coding is a new literacy that every learner will need for future success.

Research Study: Less than 1 in 3 Teachers are Satisfied with PD

Teachers Know Best, a recent study contracted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, found that less than 1 in 3 teachers are highly satisfied with current professional development offerings. Here’s an excerpt:

All told, $18 billion is spent annually on professional development, and a typical teacher spends 68 hours each year—more than a week—on professional learning activities typically directed by districts… Yet by many measures, including the views of teachers themselves, much of this effort and investment is simply not working. In interviews, teachers say that too many current professional development offerings are not relevant, not effective, and most important of all, not connected to their core work of helping students learn.

The level of dissatisfaction shared in the study is an area for potential concern for districts.