How One District Maximizes Tech Integration & Teacher Support

When Daniel Saenz, the Information Technology Director at Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD stepped back to reflect on where the district was at for technology Integration and teacher support, he came to the realization that they weren’t doing as much as they could. 

One of the major steps they took to execute change was the creation of the 2015-2016 Instructional Technology Implementation Plan. The plan took their intentions and put it into action, outlining three levels of proficiency needed to accomplish the instructional technology goals for the district:

Still undecided on your 2016 New Year’s resolution? Make a resolution to learn!

We’ve all heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit. This, however, is a myth, according to an article in Forbes Magazine. When it comes down to it, it takes sacrifice and commitment to reach success with forming habits, which cannot happen in a matter of days.

This theory can also apply to your New Year’s resolution. Have you thought about what your New Year’s resolution might be? It doesn’t need to be driven by numbers or statistics (i.e. Lose 15 pounds, or Save $2,000). Why not make it your resolution to learn something new every day?

Whether it takes 21 days or not, make it a habit to build up your personal and professional development on a daily basis. Lifelong learning is a critical skill that we should all try to not only foster in students, but also in our own lives.

And, since 2016 has officially arrived, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite resources together in the Atomic Learning 12 Days of Learning to get you started. Need more ideas? Simply log into your Atomic Learning account using your institution’s method of access and utilize the ‘Discover’ tab to see some of the latest and greatest learning resources now available.

Happy New Year from Atomic Learning!

Focus on #SchoolSafety - Quick Tip on Identifying a Threat

Safety is becoming an increasingly critical topic at schools across the country. In the video below, expert Anne Yatch, a former Anti-terrorism and International Security Expert, shares insights on how to identify a threat beyond stereotypes.

Being prepared with such information helps you to protect yourself and those around you in a potentially dangerous situation—it might just save your life.

Empowering individuals with the skills needed to take ownership of their own safety—now, in college, and beyond—is a great way to help ensure teachers, staff, and students alike stay safe. With a specialized online safety awareness and prevention program focused on ensuring learners know how to trust their instincts, increase their observation skills, and develop an action plan for when faced with potential threats, Atomic Learning is here to help.

Great for graduating seniors heading off to college and/or moving away from home, available topics include:

Interested in preparing your school community with Real World Safety skills? Learn more.

NOTE: Some content may not be suitable for all ages.

12 Days Until the end of the Year – Make them Count!

With the holidays fast approaching and the year coming to a close, it can be hard to find time for professional development. We’ve made it easy for you to get the most out of the last 12 days of 2015!

Take a look at these twelve, quick and helpful articles on critical topics facing education.  Whether you read one-a-day or take them in all at once is entirely up-to-you.