Focus on #SchoolSafety - Quick Tip on Identifying a Threat

Safety is becoming an increasingly critical topic at schools across the country. In the video below, expert Anne Yatch, a former Anti-terrorism and International Security Expert, shares insights on how to identify a threat beyond stereotypes.

Being prepared with such information helps you to protect yourself and those around you in a potentially dangerous situation—it might just save your life.

Empowering individuals with the skills needed to take ownership of their own safety—now, in college, and beyond—is a great way to help ensure teachers, staff, and students alike stay safe. With a specialized online safety awareness and prevention program focused on ensuring learners know how to trust their instincts, increase their observation skills, and develop an action plan for when faced with potential threats, Atomic Learning is here to help.

Great for graduating seniors heading off to college and/or moving away from home, available topics include:

Interested in preparing your school community with Real World Safety skills? Learn more.

NOTE: Some content may not be suitable for all ages.

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