Focus on Learning Series: I Wish I Had More Classes Like That!

This article was originally posted on the Connected Consulting blog by Dr. Billie McConnell.

Both of my boys are adults now, but I can still remember the conversation we had one day when my oldest had come home from college. Here is the basic gist of that conversation:

“Dad, I had a class that I really loved this semester. I loved the professor. I loved the topic. I loved going to class. It was amazing. I learned so much that I could probably teach the class.“


“But, I just wanted to let you know that I am probably going to get a ‘B’.”

“What? I thought you loved this course?”

“I did. But, the professor didn’t know how to assess.” (Now you must realize that both of my boys grew up in a house of educators!)

“What do you mean?”

“All of his tests were lists. Every test was just list after list and I couldn’t keep all of the lists straight. You know that I am not great at memorizing.”

“Well, did you learn anything?”

“Yes! I could teach the course.”

“Well, then take your ‘B’ and don’t worry about it. It was what you learned that was important.”

Sure enough, he got a ‘B’ and went on with life. But, my other son was listening to the conversation.

“Oh! I wish I had more classes like that!” (evil dad stare)

“What? What do you mean you wish you had more classes like that?”

“Dad, you know that I am great at memorizing.” And he is.

“When I have a class like that, all I have to do is memorize the information, take the test, get my ‘A’ and walk away. I don’t have to understand the information, I don’t have to use the information, and I don’t have to explain the information. I just have to memorize, regurgitate, and take my ‘A’.”

In all of the years that I have been in education, that conversation really brought into focus for me the need to create learner-centered environments that are engaging, authentic, and allow students to use, demonstrate, and reflect on what they learn.

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