Digital Citizenship: Stop, Drop and Roll!

A recent article in ISTE's Learning and Leading magazine entitled “Stop, Drop, and Roll” discusses Standard 5 of the NETS for Coaches, focusing on digital citizenship. We are especially fond of the author, former ISTE Board of Director member, Kara Gann, now a member of the Atomic Learning family. Kara has over 26 years in public education and is passionate about ed tech. Here are some thoughts from the article worth sharing:

With all facets of digital citizenship, the area that affects teachers regardless of their subject is online safety. [Everyone remembers] "stop, drop, and roll!" from Fire Safety Week; but how many of us have actually had to stop, drop, and roll during a fire? Hopefully, not many of us, however, most of us have to protect ourselves online and make careful choices when participating in online activities on a daily basis.

It seems that as a society we believe digital citizenship does not require the same amount of attention as safety procedures in a chemistry or weight-lifting class. I believe that this is changing, and with the help of a technology coach, our students will know how to stop, drop and roll as they navigate the fires of the digital world."

Atomic Learning has several resources to support educators in being responsible digital citizens. The Keeping Kids Safe Online Spotlight provides professional development for educators, in addition to helping administrators meet E-rate requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act.

Today’s students must know how to interact with others online in social networking sites, in chatrooms, and when instant messaging and texting. Knowing how to protect themselves online from cyberbullies, online predators, and scams is important to ensure their safety and well-being while learning and interacting online.

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