The Costs of Common Core

In a recent article, Education Week reviewed ways to trim the cost of implementing the Common Core State standards. Suggestions to limit expenditures include:

  • Moving away from hard-copy textbooks and doing more sharing of online materials.
  • Using computer-administered technology to offer formative assessments.
  • Delivering professional development through a mix of in-person and online instruction. 
  • States, districts, and charter providers must be willing to stop purchasing goods and services from their existing vendors if they don't meet their current needs, and seek out new vendors willing to take advantage of the opportunities the new standards present. 

While Atomic Learning agrees that all of the ideas have merit, we offer an additional solution: using a collaborative approach to plan the implementation of the new standards. Atomic TechCore includes:

  • Planning tools for school leaders
  • PD and lesson plans for teachers
  • Lesson assignments for students

Creating an efficient plan to implement the standards is the first step to reducing the overall costs of implementation. Atomic Learning has a tool to ensure school leaders and teachers use all resources currently available within their district, and determine which additional resources may be required.  

Contact Atomic Learning for additional information about how the Atomic TechCore solution can help you with your implementation plan!

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