CO Tech Teacher Shares His Initial Review of Atomic Learning iPad App

Colorado Tech Teacher Brad Flickinger shared how he's using the new Atomic Learning iPad App on his blog yesterday.

Since I have given up on the idea of lugging around my MacBook Pro in lieu of just my iPhone and iPad I was happy to see that the Atomic Learning app is now available in the App Store. Next week I need to teach my fourth graders the art of video game design using Scratch. So that was the first thing I searched for and look at all of the great tutorials I found…


Have you downloaded the free Atomic Learning App yet? Search for it in the iTunes store, or download now.

Brad Flickinger has been an elementary, middle, and high school teacher, as well as the director of technology which gives him a perspective of teaching all ages of students and what it is like at both the classroom and district levels. Check out his blog here.

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