Classroom Project: What's for Breakfast

Since March is National Nutrition Month, and this week is National School Breakfast Week, the team at Atomic Learning wanted to take a moment to share one of our favorite projects: What’s for Breakfast.

This project promotes health literacy and supports awareness of global health issues, through the exploration of how to make sound nutritional choices about the foods we eat for breakfast. Using any spreadsheet application (example project uses Microsoft® Excel) to track and compare three unique breakfast menus.

And, the project is completely classroom-ready! Including step-by-step tutorials that walk students through creating the project, downloadable resources, and a teacher Project Activity Guide complete with student assessment rubrics and discussion questions, the project has everything you need to integrate it into the classroom and help students make conscience nutritional choices.

Click on either of the links below to view an overview of the example project! (To access downloadable teacher materials and the complete project, please log in.)
Don’t have access to a spreadsheet application? Check out some of Atomic Learning’s other nutrition and health related projects you and your student might enjoy!

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