Classroom Management in 1:1 and BYOD Classrooms

Guest Blog Post by Mason, Learning Ambassador

As a new instructional coach at a 1:1 high school campus, I am always looking to learn and grow so that I can offer teachers the best advice to help improving teaching and learning with technology. Our campus deployed iPads 1:1 in October of 2016, and one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced are the unique classroom management needs in a 1:1 classroom.

Luckily, our district has purchased numerous resources to make the transition to 1:1 a little easier. One of those resources is Atomic Learning (AL). AL is sort of like Youtube for teachers, students, parents, and other district stakeholders. Everyone has an account and can log on, search what they are looking for, and learn anytime at their pace.

And that’s exactly what I did. I discovered a course in AL’s Hoonuit (pronounced “Who Knew It”) Online Learning Framework titled, “Classroom Management in 1:1 and BYOD Classroom.” This particular module provided practical advice on getting started in a 1:1 classroom, how to set up the classroom for success, how lesson planning changes in a 1:1 classroom, and a plethora of digital resources to use in a 1:1 classroom.

The module is broken into bite-sized chunks, so I could watch a video lesson now and come back later to watch another. Videos are typically 1-4 minutes long. The Hoonuit framework follows the “LearnIt, DoIt, ShareIt, and ProveIt model. The lessons teach best practices, the learner can then apply their learning, once they apply their new knowledge they can connect with others and get feedback, then they document their learning and reflect on the whole process. Certificate are earned at the end of the module and CPE hours are granted.

Last week, my administrator was looking for videos to help some of the staff with Google apps. I directed her to AL’s robust library of resources and she found the perfect module to help them out. AL is quickly becoming my go to resource for online self-paced professional learning, and I would encourage any educator to check it out.


Mr. A. Mason, M. Ed. is a Digital Instructional Coach in the Garland Independent School District in Garland, Texas. His passion for helping teachers integrate technology into the classroom to improve teaching and learning drives his work in supporting Garland ISD's Ready 1:1 Initiative. He helps teachers create student-centered classrooms through technology integration.






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