CEU Professional Development Program Proves Successful in NC District

As many schools do, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) in Charlotte, NC provides CEUs (continuing education units, AKA credits) to teachers who participate in professional development. CMS developed a program that awarded their staff for the time they spent in the Atomic Learning solution. We were quite impressed when we heard how much success their program was having and just had to share.

To give you some context, we’ll first share how they calculate the number of CEU's for a course (in this case a year's worth of use). The number of contact minutes is totaled for each teacher and then divided by 60 which is the number of contact hours (CEH). Then, the total contact hours divided by 10 is the number of CEU's. A CEU can be expressed in tenths; so 17 contact hours equates to 1.7 CEU; a three contact hour program converts to .3 CEU.
During the 2013-2014 school year, 192 teachers at CMS spent 30 minutes or more using Atomic Learning resources to enhance their teaching career and earned at least half a CEU or more.

This past school year, 493 teachers at CMS spent 30 minutes or more in the solution to enhance their teaching career and earned at least half a CEU or more.  
That's right - 300 more teachers improved their teaching and tech skills when comparing year to year!

Some teachers earned as many as 8 CEU's through this professional development program. We are happy to hear about CMS' success and congratulate them and their implementation team who worked with our customer service team to build this program so well!

If you're interested in implementing a similar program for earning professional development credits in your district, contact us today at cs@atomiclearning.com, or 866.259.6890, ext. 8. Not an Atomic Learning subscriber? Learn more at www.atomiclearning.com/more.

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