Celebrating Read Across America with Reading Focused PD

March 2nd marks Read Across America Day! Sponsored by NEA, this annual event celebrates reading reading and literacy. Hoonuit by Atomic Learning is celebrating by launching another great learning module focused on reading skills:


Reading in the Content Area - NEW!
Reading a novel and reading a chemistry textbook are two very different experiences, as I’m sure you know.

This new module by Dr. Therese Kiley discusses the different strategies employed when reading different materials—from novels to poetry to menus to textbooks—and how to support your students in their growing literacy skills.

Looking for more resources focused on reading skills?
Be sure to check out these additional professional development modules:

  • Differentiating Reading Instruction for Main Ideas and Details
    Classrooms have readers at every skill level, and it can be challenging to meet the needs of every kid. This module focuses on one particular subject—Main Ideas and Details—and experienced educator and Reading teacher Brandi Farrow discusses different ways to teach the same idea to students of all skill levels.

  • Reading Comprehension Strategies  
    In this module, reading and literacy expert Dr. Rachael Waller talks about how reading comprehension works and how using various techniques while reading can aid in comprehension and retention.

  • Every Professor is a Teacher of Reading
    There’s no age or grade in which a teacher or professor needs to stop supporting students with reading difficulties. Literacy guru Dr. Therese Kiley talks about practical strategies educators can use to assist these students and help them to raise their literacy levels.

  • Support for Struggling Readers
    Having basic literacy skills is a major factor in how people’s lives turn out. Brandi Farrow, an experienced reading teacher, discusses how to identify students who struggle with reading, and how to intervene and support them through several strategies and techniques.

  • How Do I Keep Advanced Readers Challenged? 
    Brandi Farrow has another great module on differentiating instruction in the reading classroom. This one focuses on keeping the advanced readers engaged and challenged.

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