Celebrate #WeekofMaking with 'Creating Maker Lessons' Training

Are you a part of the #NationOfMakers? Today, June 18th, marks the end of this year's National Week of Making!

In the words of President Obama at last year's White House Maker Faire:

“This is a country that imagined a railroad connecting a continent, imagined electricity powering our cities and towns, imagined skyscrapers reaching into the heavens, and an Internet that brings us closer together. So we imagined these things, then we did them. And that’s in our DNA. That’s who we are. We’re not done yet. And I hope every company, every college, every community, every citizen joins us as we lift up makers and builders and doers across the country. If we do, I know we’re going to be able to create more good jobs in the years to come.”

To help you get started with the Maker Movement, Atomic Learning has put together an in-depth online training course on Creating Maker Lessons. The video below is a basic introduction to the Maker Movement, and just a taste of what's included. Log in and take a look at the complete course!

(Not an Atomic Learning subscriber? Request more information today!)


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