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Guest blog post by Debra Atchison 

Learning Ambassador & Contributor of the series Getting Started with Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) is one of my favorite things to share. It’s so much fun and participants of any age are excited and engaged the whole time. There are a lot of premade AR apps for just about any content and lots of tools for teachers and students to use to create their own AR. A few years ago I was asked to present at the Texas Library Association’s state conference on Augmented Reality books. I titled the presentation, “Augmented Reality: The Other AR!” Most teachers are familiar with AR standing for Accelerated Reader, but this AR is all about interactive Augmented Reality books. I’ve enjoyed giving that presentation for a handful of years now, each time adding a new book or two.


As I recently shared presentations again for the #TCEA17 conference, I thought to myself, “this is probably going to run its course” as I think AR books are dying out. Man, was I ever wrong! The AR book market is gaining ground big time. I have found a ton of new books that use augmented reality to engage their readers. The most exciting part for me is that the books are becoming more and more sophisticated, not just in the artistry and AR, but also in the content of the storylines. There are more and more graphic novels and even novels for young adults that are incorporating AR. There are some great AR picture books and I’m still very excited over those, but I’m really pumped for these new books for older readers that are interactive and engaging!

When my 17 year old son was looking at the @AnomalyWorld AR graphic novels for the first time with me, we were both blown away by the digital graphics, intense and interactive AR that was popping off the pages. I knew, this company was onto something, when he said, “Wow, I can’t wait to read this book to see what this AR is all about! I want to learn more about him,” referring to the character that popped off the page. What? A 17 year old boy wants to read a book? Yep, pretty powerful stuff if you ask me!


I also like that the AR in books for all level of readers is becoming more and more interactive! Not only is something coming out of the books, but you can actually interact with and control some of the AR content. Seeing is believing, but holding it in your hand and manipulating it, is way better!


I’d love to go on and on about each new AR book I recently discovered, but, I’ll let you discover them for yourself through this resource I created for my most recent Augmented Reality: The Other AR! Presentation located at



Debra Reymundo Atchison has been in the educational technology field for 24+ years. She earned her Master’s degree online in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University in 1999. Since this time, she has taken her technology training skills out of the public schools and into the rest of the world. She has worked as an international trainer, training in countries such as Africa, Ukraine, Croatia and Austria. She has led large school districts to numerous successes in technology through her school, district and state technology leadership positions. Debra has taught technology applications on a college level and has even been the personal home-school teacher for comedian Eddie Murphy’s own children.


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