Atomic TechCore Helps Districts Develop a Common Core Vision

As Education Week's "Developing a Common Core Vision" post on Learning Forward's PD Watch states:

Implementing new standards is not a light-switch change... Taking adequate time in the early stages to develop a vision around which people will coalesce, understanding and building on what has worked in the past, and clarifying the assumptions that are driving decisions will save effort and resources over time and keep the focus on the desired outcome--all students ready for college and career.

Atomic TechCore was developed for this purpose. Consisting of a set of customizable planning and collaborative network tools that assist administrators in identifying the professional development and technology needed for their district to be successful in meeting Common Core standards, Atomic TechCore then aids in communicating the resulting findings and implementation plans to those impacted within the district.

Learn more about how the Atomic TechCore solution can help your school or district.

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