Atomic Learning and Versifit Technologies Become Hoonuit

We are excited to share with you that Atomic Learning and Versifit Technologies are now Hoonuit!

Over the past few years the Atomic Learning organization has evolved amidst a dynamic, ever-changing industry. During that time we have acquired Versifit Technologies, conducted extensive research on your needs, and invested in expanding our instructional offering. In turn, our organization’s purpose has multiplied and now gives us the opportunity to serve you in an expanded capacity. 

As Atomic Learning we have evolved our successful foundation of robust eLearning technical and technology training into also offering online pedagogical professional development. We now have over 8,000 educational institutions, 400,000 educators, and 10,000,000 students taking advantage of the most extensive online professional learning library for in the industry. Our name, however, is still connected to our technical training roots.

Our sister organization, Versifit Technologies began in the industry as a custom software data management and analytics organization. Today we have expanded the offering which uses predictive analytics to help districts and schools of any size with accountability and school improvement, early warning and intervention, district financial and staffing operations, and student college and career readiness. Yet the brand is primarily known only for large data management projects.

We felt our name no longer represented us, and it was time for a change in branding. Hoonuit, pronounced “Who Knew it!”, represents a unification of our two organizations, renewed commitment to all our customers and partners, and an infinite loop of knowledge and insight.

While extended capabilities and an expanded suite of products and services define the strategic direction of Hoonuit, the character of the company is still epitomized by our unrivaled promise to you, our customer. Because beyond the scrutiny that we place on the data collection process, and beyond the pride that we take in the delivery of timely, actionable information and instruction, we realize that our greatest assets are the relationships we have built with you, our customers.

Thank you for your continued partnership. We look forward to working together to help you better develop your staff, effectively reach your students, and improve your schools.

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