Are You Prepared for the Common Core?

Is your district ready for Common Core? If not, you are not alone. According to a recent article, professional development remains a problem for many schools:
Across the country, there is a substantial need for more teacher and leader professional development around the Common Core. Meeting the raised expectations of higher standards will require teachers to educate in profoundly different ways – not just in understanding what the new standards include and how they differ from the states’ old standards, but also how to make the instructional shifts needed for students to succeed.
One of the significant challenges with the new standards are the embedded technology components, meaning that in order to effectively address individual standards teachers must guide students on utilizing appropriate technology tools to complete projects and lessons.
Atomic Learning includes access to professional development resources and classroom lessons designed to make integration of both technology and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) simple. Be sure to check out the content outlined below for additional details, or request more information on accessing the complete training library.
Professional Development
This professional development training will help teachers with questions about the CCSS better understand how to integrate technology into the classroom. All resources are broken down into two separate online courses that are focused on addressing some of the most common questions educators ask when looking at the standards:
CCSS Aligned Lessons
For each standard that has a technology component, Atomic Learning has a classroom-ready lesson. The below are just a few sample lessons—each of which include a Lesson Guide and Rubric.
  • "Fish Tank" Research, Writing & Presentation
    This lesson is focused on Internet search techniques, as well as helping students learn to evaluate the information they find on the Web for credibility and accuracy. They will learn how to incorporate the information they find into their own posts on the wiki, provide constructive criticism to the posts of others, and accurately site their sources. Students will also be encouraged to make connections and follow through on researching their own essential questions that lead to a better understanding of the underlying concepts embedded in this lesson.
  • Car Talk - Data Driven Decision Making
    This lesson provides students with a "real world" context for learning and applying the understanding they have about algebraic concepts, as well as using statistics and probability concepts in decision making. Students will choose 2-3 different types of cars that they might consider buying. They'll collect data about the purchase price and financing, plus repair costs, gas mileage, insurance, and other factors that contribute to the real cost of ownership. Using online spreadsheets and computer algebra systems, students will analyze the data they've gathered to help them decide which car might be the best purchase decision for them.
Search by CCSS
Atomic Learning’s digital content library is aligned by CCSS, state, and ISTE® standards by grade level and subject. It’s easy to find the lessons or training teachers need—when they need it.
Interested in learning more about how Atomic Learning can support your district in implementing Common Core? Request more information on how we can help with standards-aligned technology integration.

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