It's not about Technology...It's about Learning

How do you put vision, technology, and instruction together to create truly engaged, relevant learning? The solutions from Atomic Learning help to define, build, and support a comprehensive framework for district-wide relevant tech rich learning. We work with your district to support the unique vision and training needs of your teachers, staff, and students. Why? Because we care about your district’s investment in learning and we care about learning.


A District-Wide Solution

Atomic Learning supports your entire district by impacting each department and most importantly student achievement. Extending the reach of curriculum planning, IT and special education staff, and more, Atomic Learning is a valuable resource for teachers, students, and even parents within your district.


Application-Specific Training List

Atomic Integrate offers a cost-effective professional development, technology integration and support solution that empowers educators to effectively utilize technology to impact student achievement.

Application-Specific Assistive Technology Training List

From short, self-paced online tutorials that answer common “How do I…?” questions, to integration planning tools and projects focused on classroom application, Atomic Assist provides school leaders an easy-to-use tool to train educators on understanding the individual needs and abilities of all learners and ensure that instruction is accessible to all learners.

  • 5,000 tutorials on how to use assistive technology devices and specialized software applications
  • Training on accessibility features of Microsoft® Office, iPad®, and common operating systems
  • In-depth projects and Workshops for classroom application of assistive technology
  • Evidence of Learning training reflection document to assist teachers in classroom planning
  • Certificates of Completion to track training commitment and recognize learning

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