A Quick Look at Teachers' Professional Growth

Summer is upon us, which means it’s the time of year that teachers across the country get to enjoy seeing the progress their invested time has made in the professional growth of their students. But professional growth isn’t limited to just students during the school years, teachers grow professionally as well, and it’s also the time of year that administrators get to enjoy seeing that progress.
Since the obvious purpose of assessment is to measure progress, we at Atomic Learning did a little digging to see what six years of test scores could tell us. As it turns out, a lot.

Want to get a grasp on where your teachers stand? Atomic Learning offers a variety of online tools to help you measure and build critical skills—all specially-designed for schools.


  • ISTE® Standards-based Assessments
    Focused on how-to use and apply technology, Atomic Learning offers assessment tools correlated to ISTE Standards (NETS) to help schools and districts pinpoint teacher development areas and gauge student tech skill levels.
  • Technology Skills Assessments
    A companion to several of Atomic Learning’s online training series on Computer Literacy, popular Microsoft® Office applications, and others, each online assessment provides quiz-style insights to review retention of completed training. Learn more about available assessments.
  • Self-Assessment
    A quick and simple online Self-Assessment tool that allows learners to quickly reflect on their skill proficiency using any specific technology tool. The results are intended to provide a self-snapshot and individual scores are relative.

Atomic Learning's online library of digital learning resources includes resources on a variety of applications and edtech topics. The below is just a small sample of our popular content that is correlated to recent standards:

Interested in accessing these resources and learning more about using Atomic Learning for your teachers' professional growth? Request more information online.

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