A New Approach to Teacher PD - Just Launched!

At Atomic Learning we are committed to helping reshape the way we support students, teachers and staff in their learning experience. For the past two years we have devoted energy and resources into shaping a path for schools to overcome the status quo, and have developed Hoonuit by Atomic Learning. Hoonuit includes a learning framework that both enhances and personalizes online learning, using four components:


Learn from Best Practices.
Professional learning resources on highly-relevant topics.

Apply Learning to Life.
Activities to apply learning to life—and the classroom.

Connect & Get Feedback.
Collaborative tools to learn from others.

Document Learning.
Assessments and resources to monitor progress.

To align with this powerful outcome-based learning model, Atomic Learning's online professional
learning resources are delivered in a 'learning module' format—here's a quick overview video:

Ready to learn more? Contact Atomic Learning directly at atomic@AtomicLearning.com.

Already an Atomic Learning subscriber? You automatically have access to new learning module course format! Here are a few of our most popular topics:

Contact your school's Account Manager for additional details.

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