A Message Can Be Life-Changing: A Parent’s Perspective

Guest Post by Kim Juelke, Marketing Strategist

Like many of us with school age children, I recently attended my child’s parent-teacher conference. From day one I have considered myself fortunate that my child is in a classroom where each student is acknowledged and valued for what they bring to the world.

Working at Atomic Learning, I get to be part of helping educators create engaged, meaningful classrooms every day, yet the reality of seeing the results of such practices in my own child’s life is incredibly inspiring, motivating, and exciting!

Atomic Learning’s recent partnership with Angela Maiers has forever impacted me—as a parent, as a person, and as someone who cares about education. Angela’s message focuses on two simple words – You Matter. Words that not only deliver hope, inspiration, and purpose, but have the ability to transform lives.

If you’re not familiar with her message, it’s well worth taking 2 minutes to watch the video below:

(Video from @angelamaiers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RtAetJHEFE)

As a parent it is incredibly moving to see the impact that Angela’s approach can have on a student, a classroom, and beyond—realizing that YOU matter, that YOU can be the difference in a child’s life and in the world!

I am fortunate to work in an industry where we are able to contribute every day in some way to the incredible learning journey that each teacher and each student embarks on – to help learners move from stuck and feeling awkward to unstuck and moving forward in learning and life!

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Kim Juelke is a Marketing Strategist at Atomic Learning. With a degree in Liberal Studies and over twenty years of experience in sales and marketing, she helps bring awareness of Atomic Learning’s online professional learning system to schools, districts, and institutions world-wide, helping learners’ move forward connecting the dots between learning and life.

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