A Focus on Managing Change & Leadership Practices

Principal, Director, Dean... regardless of the title, school leaders are always striving to bring learning, teaching, and technology together for district-wide success. While working with schools and districts from across the country (and around the globe), the team at Atomic Learning has noticed some common themes on the minds of leaders at all levels, including increasing student engagement, enhancing teaching and learning, and ensuring school safety—among others.

To help, we've created specialized learning modules for leadership focused on on some of the most prominent issues facing education today, including:

https://cdn.atomiclearning.com/thumbnail/TID_5571.jpgEffective Walkthroughs
The walkthrough process is one of the most powerful tools an administrator can use to help improve instruction and learning. In this module, you will learn strategies for improving the walkthrough and evaluation process, and increasing effective feedback to teachers.

https://cdn.atomiclearning.com/thumbnail/5519.jpgEffective Leadership Teams
Whether you are looking to strengthen an existing team or build an effective staff of school leaders, this in-depth learning module focuses on understanding the critical components of a strong leadership team, breaking down the role the team plays, and improving communication.

https://cdn.atomiclearning.com/thumbnail/5506.jpgRTI for Data-Driven Instruction
An effective RTI program maximizes time while focusing on data and differentiated instruction. This module details a system using a single skill focus with data sheets to keep collaboration and instruction centered on student growth.


Evaluating Technology Resources
With so many resources and tools available, but what tools are worth the money and which will have the greatest impact on instruction and student learning? This module focuses on strategies for effectively evaluate available resources and tools, including a checklist for use when items are requested.

https://cdn.atomiclearning.com/thumbnail/rtc_A04_04.jpgOvercoming Resistance to Change
This module on change management explores why people are resistant to change, why resistance to change is a natural human response, and how individuals and leaders can best address this resistance to improve the odds of success. Also included, is discussion around the common reasons changes fail.

https://cdn.atomiclearning.com/thumbnail/HCD_358_how_do_i_make_a_threat_assessment_thm.jpgPersonal Safety Awareness
Developed by former Navy SEALs, these highly-specialized learning resources draw upon their combined expertise to help ensuring learners know how to trust their instincts, increase their observation skills, and develop an action plan for when faced with potential threats.


And these are just a small sampling.

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