9 Things Tech-Savvy Teachers Do on a Regular Basis [Infographic]

A large part of being a tech-savvy teacher is being ready, willing, and even eager to try out and implement new technology tools, especially those that positively impact student learning.

A challenge of being such a teacher is the speed of technological change, which begs the question: How does one STAY tech-savvy?

This great infographic by Daily Genius highlights nine of the most common behaviors of tech-savvy teachers:

Looking for ideas on how to maintain and grow your own tech-savvy status and practice some of the behaviors outlined above? A way to start is to establish a solid PLN.

A PLN, otherwise known as a personalized learning network, refers to using social media, such as Twitter, to connect and collaborate with peers, colleagues, education thought leaders and others— anywhere, anytime—and ultimately creating a reliable, insightful network of individuals that you can both draw upon for ideas and share your own thoughts, questions, and successes.

For insights on creating—and growing—your own PLN, be sure to check out Atomic Learning’s online course, How Do I Grow My PLN?. The course explores how to connect with other educators that share valuable resources, collaborate on important topics, support your growth as an educator, and experience learning that is available all day, every day.

Don’t have access to Atomic Learning? Request information on how you and your entire school can access this course and hundreds of others focused on effective professional development, shifting instructional approaches, and other highly-relevant topics.

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