5 Learning Series for K12 Education You Didn't Know Atomic Learning Has

Atomic Learning is constantly adding new learning modules addressing common challenges found in education today.  Here are 5 new series you may not have looked at yet:

What is an Effective RTI Process for Data Driven Instruction?
In this learning series, we take a look at one example for setting up a successful RTI program (Response To Intervention). An effective RTI program maximizes your use of time, while keeping the focus on data and differentiated instruction. This RTI system uses a single skill focus with simple to use data sheets to keep your collaboration and instruction laser-focused on what matters most, student growth.

How Do We Plan with a Purpose?  A Look at Effective PD
This online course will take a look at strategies for planning, designing, and follow-up for effective professional development time with staff. We will look at data based planning, location and meeting set up, effective strategies for active staff engagement, and follow-up strategies for effective implementation moving forward.  Created by a principal, this course would be of particular interest to principals, administrators, and other decision makers. 

Improving Communication between Parents and Teachers
Learn about best practices for communicating with your students' families and learn about some tools that can make that communication easier. The tools covered in this course include apps that allow you to text families from your computer, send professional looking newsletters, create classroom websites, set up classroom chatrooms, and share your calendars with families.  This series includes best practices for improving communication with and without the use of technology.  

Learn the Think-Pair-Share cooperative learning strategy and consider some of the benefits of using technology for Think-Pair-Share learning activities. We’ll consider four different free applications and services you might use for Think-Pair-Share to help you evaluate which one would work best for your class. Using Google™ Docs as an example, we’ll discuss creating accounts, setting up the Think-Pair-Share question and sharing it with the class. Then we’ll go through each step in the learning activity, as students reflect on the question and create notes, debate with their partners, and then share their answers with the whole class. Finally, we’ll review some tips for using applications introduced in the demo.

Classroom Management Strategies
One of the constant struggles in education is behavior management. Teachers work hard to provide the best instructional environment and strategies for their students, but it often only takes one or two distracting students to have a major impact on the effectiveness of that instruction.  This series is a complete PD package for your teachers or even your entire school. You'll learn a variety of behavior management philosophies and the best strategies for effectively improving behavior in the classroom with a positive approach.

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