4 Key Questions on Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is a critical element of student success, and an integral part of an individual’s ability to participate and contribute in meaningful ways to the world - academically, professionally and personally.

As you explore the topic, here are a few key considerations to reflect on as you guide learners on the path to digital literacy:

  1. Does the learner know how to use available technology?
    Knowing how to operate the technology that is available is a basic foundation of students’ digital literacy. In today’s world, it’s the equivalent of being able to use a pen and paper. However, just as being able to form words doesn’t automatically make you a great writer, neither does being able to operate technology mean one is digitally literate.

    Topics to explore:
    Computer Literacy Basics, Microsoft Office, All Things Google
  2. Is the learner building good digital citizenship skills?
    The digital world has opened up unparalleled opportunity for today’s learners. Navigating the legal, ethical, and potentially dangerous facets of this new world and becoming good digital citizens is an integral part of being digitally literate.

    Topics to explore:
    Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship, Being Savvy Online, Cyberbullying
  3. How is the learner approaching research?
    Students are notoriously savvy Web users. It isn’t hard for them to find “answers” to their questions, but few can locate thorough answers from reliable sources and use this information effectively. Challenge students to think critically and to find credible sources, rather than just “answers”.

    Topics to explore:
    Literacy Reimagined, Avoiding PlagiarismAsking Essential Questions        
  4. Is the learner demonstrating Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity skills?
    Encourage students to expand on their current literacies and embrace their role as digital citizens. It is essential that a student develop the 4 C’s as they are in-demand skillsets that can heavily impact future academic and professional success.

    Topics to explore:
    Integrating the 4 Cs, Getting Technology R.I.G.H.T., Send/Pass a Problem

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