3 Tips for Seamless Professional Development for Students

Students have different levels of technology knowledge, and educators should not assume students' skill levels when integrating technology into their classrooms. Edutopia's blogger, Nicholas Provenzano, a high school English teacher offers 3 tips for providing PD to students in a recent blog post entitled Don't Forget Professional Development for Students.

The first time a student told me they didn’t have an email address and didn’t know how to attach files, it blew my mind. Shouldn’t all students know how to send email? Haven’t students been sending attachments for years? That revelation changed the way that I integrate technology into my classroom. I offer three tips on making student professional development a seamless part of your classroom.

1) Model

2) Explore

3) Delegate

By integrating these three ideas into the classroom, students will get the support they need as they learn new tools to help them better understand the content in class. Engaging students in different forms of technology can be great, but assuming they are already experts in all things tech is the path to disaster. And we all want to avoid that path whenever possible."

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