23 Nov

How Do You Know When They've Got It: Effective Formative Assessment

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Effectively assessing student learning is essential. This new online course takes a look at formative assessments and the impact they can have on student learning and student growth. Educators will look at what makes an effective formative assessment, what are effective uses, how to use the data you receive, and the best tech tools for assessment.

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18 Nov

Coding in the Classroom: Prepare for the #HourofCode

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What are the skills your learners need to have for their future? Reading, writing, and math to name a few, right? All educators want their learners to grow and be successful, which is why every learner should be able to understand and write basic code. Coding is a new literacy that every learner will need for future success.

Atomic Learning created this online training course to guide you through how to introduce coding concepts in your classroom and some of the tools that will help you do this efficiently and effectively. Each component of code will be broken down and then shown how to utilize this in the Literacy and/or STEAM curriculum.

Take a look and start preparing for the Hour of Code December 7-13: http://www.atomiclearning.com/coding-in-classroom-training

12 Nov

Atomic Learning Receives Multiple Education Industry Awards

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LITTLE FALLS, MN-- (November 12, 2015) Little Falls-based Atomic Learning announced that the education industry recently recognized the company through 3 separate awards:

05 Nov

Research Study: Less than 1 in 3 Teachers are Satisfied with PD

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Teachers Know Best, a recent study contracted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, found that less than 1 in 3 teachers are highly satisfied with current professional development offerings. Here’s an excerpt:

All told, $18 billion is spent annually on professional development, and a typical teacher spends 68 hours each year—more than a week—on professional learning activities typically directed by districts… Yet by many measures, including the views of teachers themselves, much of this effort and investment is simply not working. In interviews, teachers say that too many current professional development offerings are not relevant, not effective, and most important of all, not connected to their core work of helping students learn.

The level of dissatisfaction shared in the study is an area for potential concern for districts.

05 Nov

5 Learning Series for K12 Education You Didn't Know Atomic Learning Has

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Atomic Learning is constantly adding new learning modules addressing common challenges found in education today.  Here are 5 new series you may not have looked at yet:

What is an Effective RTI Process for Data Driven Instruction?
In this learning series, we take a look at one example for setting up a successful RTI program (Response To Intervention). An effective RTI program maximizes your use of time, while keeping the focus on data and differentiated instruction. This RTI system uses a single skill focus with simple to use data sheets to keep your collaboration and instruction laser-focused on what matters most, student growth.

02 Nov

A Message Can Be Life-Changing: A Parent’s Perspective

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Guest Post by Kim Juelke, Marketing Strategist

Like many of us with school age children, I recently attended my child’s parent-teacher conference. From day one I have considered myself fortunate that my child is in a classroom where each student is acknowledged and valued for what they bring to the world.

Working at Atomic Learning, I get to be part of helping educators create engaged, meaningful classrooms every day, yet the reality of seeing the results of such practices in my own child’s life is incredibly inspiring, motivating, and exciting!

Atomic Learning’s recent partnership with Angela Maiers has forever impacted me—as a parent, as a person, and as someone who cares about education. Angela’s message focuses on two simple words – You Matter. Words that not only deliver hope, inspiration, and purpose, but have the ability to transform lives.